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Feb. 12, 2021, 12:46 p.m. -  Ceecee

Measure the insole the long way. Is it 295mm for size 12? If so, they're true to size. Would You like to say something helpful about width?--measure the width of the insole. The same could be done for the Pearl Izumis, possibly leading to bold comparative remarks regarding volume, another important aspect of size. For example, my Freerider Contact Japan size 300 insoles measure 300mm, which is what manufacturer publishes. So--true to size. Same for regular Freerider and Freerider Pro, but these are higher volume in the toe box and have a looser, baggier fit with the same socks and insoles, despite being the same length. I haven't measured the width, but bet it's the same for all three shoes. Solely due to volume, the Contacts feel narrower and are more close-fitting, more suitable for narrow, bony feet. I mean, you take expensive photos of a lot of other stuff in B.C., why not your foot

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