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Feb. 5, 2021, 9:25 a.m. -  khai

One thing I _adore_ about washing instructions is how they tend to say "wash at 40deg" - as if one's washer or dryer specifies what cold/warm/hot actually outputs.  I've read that it's because the length of the line from the faucet to the machine impacts the temp, but it's still annoying.  Typically I wash on "warm" and dry briefly (15-20min) on "hot" so that the piece is nicely warm but not hot when it comes out of the dryer. I considered this piece when replacing my riding jacket but in the end opted for the Skypilot - which in combination with a pair of Revo shorts and some Shower's Pass waterproof merino socks have kept me warm and dry through many a ride in standard PNW winter conditions.  The Skypilot packs down pretty well, though not quite as compact as this - but I figured since I live in a temperate rainforest, better to opt for the slightly burlier option.

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