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Jan. 21, 2021, 10:32 a.m. -  Dave Smith

Camera bags are a funny one to review as all photographers have a Goldilocks complex and no bag is ever quite right but I have to say the CP18 looks interesting. The carry size combined that quick access system and that waste belt system is the among the best I've tried... But I hate rain covers and would like a water-resistant or better yet water-proof shell. On those wonderful ultra-dank days, the material in the internal blocks of the **old** evoc packs had a tendency to create an atmosphere inside the bags .As you can imagine it is no bueno for camera gear so it's nice to see that they have finally addressed that issue with a micofibre-lined block.  FWIW  - With my back/neck/hip nerve-related issues I've parked the 40l Shimoda in favour of a 20l frankenstein with features that will be cobbled together from a couple different bags.  At the moment, I'm also fond of the Evoc Capture 7 to carry my Fuji rangefinder or D850 with either the seminal Nikkor 17-35mm or a 50mm which are my go-to lenses for just about everything.

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