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Jan. 17, 2021, 6:45 p.m. -  Ryan Walters

Man, I did a ride on Friday in which I forced myself to pay close attention to what the back end was doing. If the X2 is a bad shock, then the Enduro is even more impressive than I thought. The shock feels pretty amazing to me. As lame as it sounds, I think a huge improvement for 2021 is the bottom-out bumper (as far as I know, it's new for 2021). It's designed to provide a very controlled, progressive end of stroke, along with the bottom-out cup that captures it. It's so effective, I think you really have to think of it as part of the spring now. It seems to accomplish what some other suspension does with hydraulic bottom out circuits - in a much simpler package. I love how this shock and frame play together. I find that I adjust the HSR a click or two depending on ambient temperature. My settings for reference (170mm travel bike, 205x60 trunnion - base FOX tune is "light" compression and "medium" rebound). 250psi, 2 tokens (max) HSC - 6 out from closed LSC - 11 out HSR - 5 out LSR - 8 out (I guess my settings weren't quite "wide open", but they are pretty light I think).

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