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Jan. 14, 2021, 1:45 p.m. -  Onawalk

Soooo, new bike day for the wife recently, and she just scored a “new to her” 2020 Norco Sight A2, which couldn’t be more similar on paper to the Sentinel, but feels significantly different from the saddle.  Both bikes are the same size, so looking forward to a comparison. I have been a huge fan of Norco bikes, since I started riding these infernal contraptions, been the proud owner of original VPS-2, Norco Shore, (from the original, to the green tank of 2003), Norco 6 (which I still had until recently).  I like this Sight, like it a lot...... If I’m honest, the Optic is incredibly tempting, and if I was in search of a new bike, thats likely the one (Cause you cant find a Spur anywhere) But the guys at Transition are phenomenal to deal with, and I suggest anyone going to their home trails (once we can travel again) and visiting them

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