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Jan. 13, 2021, 8:35 p.m. -  Brian Moreaux

Great write-up thanks Andrew. The two issues I have with my Rune V3 are: 1) the seatpost insertion is shallow, I have a fair amount of seatpost showing with my 150mm OneUp post in as far as she’ll go. This is on a medium frame. I would be really bummed not to be able to drop that seat fully out of the way if my local trails had a lot of steep slabs like in Squamish or the steep moves you have  on the shore. I’m not sure if this would be remedied with a size large frame? At 5’10”  I’m between sizes. 2) the noise of the internal cables is kind of noticeable, really only when crushing through chunder which this bike loves to do. The Rune is super quiet otherwise and I run Onyx hubs so any little noise is extra noticeable. I’m excited to try the foam cable wrap suggested above and would be interested in any other suggestions. Have been toying with idea of the STFU system to really achieve outer-space level quietude. Definitely falling down the silent bike rabbit hole. Besides those two middling issues I just love this bike. It really is a one bike solution for me from park, local Southern Oregon trails, trips to BC and even the odd bike-packing trip. I feel like this new crop of longer travel bikes with steeper STAs makes for the do-everything bike we were promised back when Mark Weir was doing the Hell Ride on the Santa Cruz VPFree. I’ll consider myself lucky that the steep STA makes me feel stronger on climbs than I ever have. Regarding the coil, I’m super tempted to pull the trigger on a Storia or the CCDB, currently running a 2020 Float X2 which will be out for service soon. Do you know if can expect a typical local shop will be able to service these shocks? I’ve had air suspension pretty much exclusively for the last 10+ years and I just don’t know much about coil shock service in general, much less for these boutique brands.

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