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Jan. 13, 2021, 4:32 p.m. -  babyzhendo

Ah, fair play on the geo chart - I admittedly didn't realize that Banshee had gotten that detailed with it. Love that transparency from them.  In thinking about your response, it does raise an interesting question around seat tube angles. While I agree that the seat tube angle is steep in my experience, I wouldn't categorize it as too steep (like my Chromag that was borderline unrideable on flat ground), but perhaps that's because I'm running a longer post. Based on the fact you're running a shorter stack post than I am, at 10mm less post travel, I'd guess I'm running close to ~50mm more exposed post in Banshee's geo terms, meaning that my seat angle is likely 0.25* slacker than yours.  Perhaps it's a stupid thought, so feel free to call me on it if half-baked, but it strikes me that someone riding a medium would almost always have less seatpost extension than someone on a large, at least the way that Banshee measures it, and same for medium vs. small. By that logic, maybe it would have made more sense for there to be a slight STA difference between each frame size, versus keeping things constant? Anyways, really appreciate your critical look at the bike, curious how you find things in pt. 2!

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