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Jan. 13, 2021, 10:14 a.m. -  AndrewR

One has to be careful (which I know you know) when comparing STA on a HT to a FS. The FS STA naturally becomes effectively slacker at sag. If you organise the set back head from 9point8 I have a 175 x 31.6 9point8 Fall line you can borrow for the test (workshop emergency spare) as I am curious to discuss the results too. At 188 cm/ 84 cm inseam/ 798 mm saddle top to centre BB seat tube length, on a 2020 Norco Sight, I personally think that the 77ยบ STA (and the size specific long chain stays) is the best thing that has happened to an XL 150-170 mm travel FS bike, an evolution that is right up there with the invention of the dropper post. In fact I ride it more than I ride my 2020 Optic mainly because of the better position the STA puts me in for seated technical climbing (the Optic has the saddle rails further forward (and a 5mm shorter stem) to get the same effective cockpit/ reach). I think I might have found my next aluminium frame and for all those that are going to point out the frame set cost it is still cheaper than sourcing a Geometron/ Nocilai or RAAW Madonna V2 which were the current options until this frame was released.

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