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Jan. 13, 2021, 10:01 a.m. -  Martin

Nice review, thanks Andrew! Frame-only reviews are a rarity but I think it's really good to see for people like me who buy a frameset. It's easier to check the construction quality and alignment when you get to build the bike yourself, and things that are important for longevity and long term trouble-free ownership in my opinion. The Banshee Titan would have been on my short list if it didn't have a Trunnion mount as I have two 230x60/65 shocks. Maybe Cascade will come up with a non trunnion link at some point 😅 (not a chance haha).       Anyway this would almost bump the price of the Titan to what I could get a new shock for. If the alignment is good like the one you have, then maybe trunnion would be a non issue. They seem to have got this right with the one piece bb junction/ shock mount! My current Meta AM has a 76.5 STA and I have my saddle slammed forward so probably closer to 77-77.5*. It seems to work perfectly for me so I guess it depends of one's body proportions. With slacker STA I get knee pain and I've never felt that since riding 75-76.5* STA. For me this is good but I can see how it would not work for others. I don't know how much would be too much, but I think that I have found my sweet spot at 77-77.5.

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