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Jan. 13, 2021, 4:05 a.m. -  Antony Diamantopoulos

I have a Titan in large size and the same raw aluminium colour for a couple of months now and Andrew's write up reminds me why NSMB is for me the best for bike reviews.  Frame alligmnet is what had me the first time I put the axle on and easy cable managment is a fact (tip: use a cable foam cover for a dead silent bike). At 5'11" a find size L to be ok but would consider an XL if a was a bit taller. I like the steep SA but can see a point in Andrew's concern about not being able to put a lot of power down if seated a lot forward. Currently running a 2020 Fox Float X2 Factory with zero issues, but has a bit of a "dead" filling. Would love to try coil front to back and maybe a mullet setup (i live in a very rocky area so i am a bit worried about 27.5 wheels having a smaller roll over angle). Thanks for the great write up and being looking forwrd to part 2!

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