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Jan. 12, 2021, 10:10 a.m. -  RideEverything

I cannibalized my Boxxer from my 29er DH bike. That's helping with some of my build costs. I'm also planning to use the DH wheelset for Bike Park duties and running a second wheelset for everything else. I think my biggest worry is turning radius with a DC fork. However, for all the times I've ridden in the WBP behind my slow moving class which has forced me into some entertainingly tight tech lines and I've ended up managing that so my worries are probably unfounded. I've never ridden a DC fork outside of the park so it's a total unknown. There's only one switchback corner on a trail in the Whistler valley (Darwins) that comes to mind when thinking about turning radius with a DC fork. I definitely get flex out of SC forks. I have a 36 and a Lyrik and can see the fore/aft flex sometimes when braking hard. I'll admit that I don't really notice too much torsional flex on those forks. It only gets highlighted when I've chosen the absolutely wrong-est line and I need to wrench the bike out of it. It is good to hear from others that a DC fork out on a trail ride is no problem. I am looking forward to the double takes when I'm up at the top of Lord of the Squirrels with DC fork! My plan is to run my G1 as my almost "One Bike". I have an HT as well.

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