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Jan. 11, 2021, 10:37 a.m. -  gregster77

A positive (I hope) about the end of the sideshow down south is that people up here start paying attention to their local politics, which is long overdue. We have the most fiscally incompetent & damaging government arguably in the entire history of our country with a leader who has been caught funneling taxpayer money to his family like a warlord in a banana republic, hailing communist despots like Fidel Castro as "remarkable"....   Hopefully he stops getting a pass with the 'at least he's not...' comparison being out now.  With Trudeaumania sometimes i feel like Marge Simpson in that monorail episode. Away from facebook-related stuff, and back to bikes, also came to huge realization of value of pants this year.   Thought it would be too hot, but works great and cleanup is so much better.

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