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Jan. 11, 2021, 5:10 a.m. -  olaa

I think that many companies do themselves a disservice when they try to give optimistic delivery times, or give the estimated delivery time based on everything working perfectly. That creates expections that they will struggle to live up to. Add that most companies are pretty poor at giving regular updates on status. It's not that strange that the customers ask where their bike is when you are a month past the expected delivery date and they have recieved no news. I am currently waiting for a bike, which had a 12-13 week expected delivery (up from 8 weeks in normal times). I am now at 22 weeks from order date, and i get no updates unless i ask for it. The slow delivery is not a problem for me, it is winter and ski season, but just having some kind of regular update every 4-5 weeks would be nice. In the past i ran a ski company with production in other countries, so i know the issues. The customers are very understanding of delays as long as you keep them informed. If you just take the money and then don't give them any info, they will get annoyed and rightfully so.

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