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Jan. 8, 2021, 10:45 p.m. -  Mikey Bikey

Yo bro, can we keep it on bikes and leave out the politicks. Maybe the Kanadians can't see it from up there,  but for  some of the munchkins here in Amerika,  Ronald Grump - despite his many flaws -  is essentially a stick in the eye of PC, the speech code for socialism/The Powers That Be.  As compared to the Dementia Party candidate and pogrom.  It's called the lesser of two evils. (While one might prefer blue skies, many times the choice is to ride in the rain or just stay home.) As for Corona1984 everybody down here that I know that gets it,  gets over it. Yeah, just like the flu or pneumonia if you are elderly or in poor health it can kill ya, but otherwise it doesn't seem to be the big deal it's supposed to be.  Still if the borders weren't closed yrs truly , along with all the other Yankee Doodle Dandys,   would be up there clogging the trails big time. So there's that to drink to.  Anyway.  cheers/carry on

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