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Jan. 6, 2021, 1:35 p.m. -  Greg Bly

I see all these change of standards as a good thing. We are all different . What will 2023 bring . New  and improved in minor increments.  The used market is saturated with goodies that aparantly are not  new and improved enough. Boost is needed for 29 inch wheels. I always looked at 29er bikes and thought wow those chainstays look short! the bikes have evolved since then.  its a shame every new bike follows the same trends. A short wheelbase bike will be less stable but much more fun if you like teck . I have been looking at the Cove G spot. The VPP version. Yep its a vintage . So much fun hunting down parts . Im serious  non boost wheels with Criss king hubs maybe some Hope pro 4 . You dont know untill the hunt begins. As long as the standards keep changing i can pick up sweet parts for a song compared to brand new parts. That said the new Deore drive train with SLX brakes mated to a used XTR shifter is affordable and will have outstanding performance. If I can find an eight speed shifter to go with my Sunrace wide range cassette and a wolf tooth front chainring made from steel. Most modern bikes are homogenous  clones with minor differences . I like mixing the old with the new.

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