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Jan. 6, 2021, 5:29 a.m. -  lewis collins

This is exactly why I got a Starling Murmur last year. The recent upgrade of an eight year old second-hand ccdb air (non climb switch specifically) overshocking the rear end to "hack" a mullet setup and a new Suntour durolux 36 has been amazing (looking forward to the nsbm review coming...). All the other parts were swapped out from the two other bikes I owned (still rocking a set of ten year old silver xt cranks) and anything left sold off. Best decision i've ever made, everything is super reliable and fixable (mostly by me as an added benefit).  I'd love to see more setup-led reviews (which is what attracts me to nsmb anyway) encouraged in the industry, and as sustainability inspired marketing opportunities in the future. I'm amazed that the cycling Industry / brands as a whole has generally turned its back on the thriving second hand market that exists...

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