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Jan. 5, 2021, 3:21 p.m. -  Tehllama42

That has to be costing them money - I don't know why they haven't just condensed to making the OEM Dual-Compoint stuff in just Six tire designs (DHF, DHR, Ardent, Ikon, RekonRace, Asspen), because those tires cover the entire gamut of what should be on an OEM bike and have good enough tread designs to work well despite harder rubber. Also, I don't know how big the market really is for $65 tires that aren't the best variety (as compared to the $70 option with all the bells and whistles), so they'd probably be money ahead simplifying those also, just take out the mid-range stuff that doesn't move a lot - make more of the 3C fully-baller stuff, and make even stickier MaxxSticc stuff that wears out quickly, but is glorious while it lasts. I would like the 'rona to cull the inventory of mediocre tires, just focus on the good stuff - I can live with it still costing the same amount, just don't have it to where LBS's are stuck carrying four year old oddball tires that are 90% of the price and 70% of the capability.

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