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Jan. 5, 2021, 2:12 p.m. -  khai

I'd like to mullet my (metal) '19 GG Shred Dogg/Megatrail, but I can't quite pull the trigger on the investment cost. While I don't really think it would open up any new terrain or enable me to ride anything I can't already manage on dual 27.5 hoops, I do think that the bigger wheel up front would make certain moves easier - and perhaps add a bit of additional insurance for those times when by brain turns off. The last time that happened (just over 2 weeks ago) it cost me a fractured rib and some strained intercostals - and very likely 8-12 weeks off the bike... I'd be curious to build up a long travel eBike with a dual crown fork, but I don't have any significant complaints re: my Pike Ultimate or MRP Hazzard Coil for my acoustics. I don't even care about the weight as long as it can still navigate tight switchbacks while climbing. "One bike to rule them all" is a lovely idea - but will never happen in my world. In my *perfect world a nice stable includes a minimum of: \[DJ && aggressive HT && mid travel FS mullet && long travel eBike && road tourer && cheap (or cheap looking) rat/around town basher\]

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