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Jan. 5, 2021, 12:38 p.m. -  Mammal

I've got them on the front and rear of my hard tail, and echo Trevor's findings. The Tannus inserts do a good job of supporting the tire's sidewalls, while preventing flats from lack of pressure. I only run regular EXO sidewalls, but have no issues with support through fast hardpack corners. Coincidentally, I've found that my ideal pressure on my particular setup is the same as Trevor's (17/19) which puts me about 2psi lower than I would with the same tires without inserts. But with the inserts, that 2psi makes a remarkable difference in grip, both with wet roots/rocks, as well as more consistent surfaces.  Fortunately/unfortunately I won't be able to go back now, and when it's full suspension time next season, I won't be able to avoid buying some for that bike too (that bike is a Ripmo AF, in case your name indicates your bike).

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