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Jan. 5, 2021, 9:21 a.m. -  Cr4w

That's a really good point you make about the industry trying to sell a simple convenient story to all riders. A solution which is really only convenient for them. Which explains why most bikes in XS or XXL are an annoying afterthought to most manufacturers. Which explains our dogged attachment to single crown forks, presumably because trail bikes run SC and DH bikes run dual crown forks. Most bikes are tending towards Geometron at this point whether they admit it or not so if Chris Porter is running dual crown forks now maybe just accept his and AMajor's prescience and look into them now. I hope the future includes more modularity. Contrary to what the big companies would have you believe, we aren't all the same. Where are our 3d printed bikes? Pole promised bikes CNC machined bikes that wouldn't need to ship across the ocean and could be easily customized. Their execution left plenty to be desired. And we have yet to see a bike from Robot Bike Co/Atherton (and TBH I'd pay for that technology but certainly not for the privilege of having the Atherton name on my bike).  The 90s were exciting in huge part because the mad scientist engineer types showed up and could execute their ideas in metal - the AMPs, Karpiels, Intense, Foes, etc. Let's hope that the new generation of additive printing also brings with it the democratization of small scale production and more kooky stuff comes out.

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