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Jan. 5, 2021, 6:39 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

Reading about people enjoying longer CS pushed me over the edge on the Cotic. It's one of the things I figured I would try going in that direction. And to be fair it's not bad. I don't hate it. I can see some benefits. I'm also going to keep riding it as sometimes what you think 1 week or 1 month or even one season in on a bike changes with more use. It's just that so far I have not been won over to the longer CS side of the argument.  The next custom HT exists on paper. I'm thinking maybe 2022 for tubes to be welded up. That gives me time to ponder the geo some more and maybe in 2022 I can actually buy bike parts to hang off the new frame? ;-)

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