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Jan. 5, 2021, 6:34 a.m. -  pepperJerome

Interesting that you gravitate toward dual crown forks. I am an old school downhiller (current DH 2016 Session 9.9) and my gosh I am also an ebike rider. I currently ride a Kenevo and it has 180mm Boxxers on it and I have not had any issue with turn radius anywhere. I do appreciate the bump stops as it prevents me from jacknifing when I ride in snowy conditions and sometimes get cross rutted. with new geometry and strong motor, the Kenevo climbs better than any other e-bikes I have owned or tried. It is actually this comfortable riding position and the poppiness of the bike that are the biggest surprise on this bike. Technology is a good thing as it keeps us riding for more years than what we thought when we got into this game. Also interesting that you did not approach tire/rim technology with some predictions. Thank you for the article. Happy Tuesday!

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