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Jan. 5, 2021, midnight -  danimaniac

Have you seen the [Intend Bandit](  1.5 crown folk, revenge of the nerd brands, too ;-) About your questions: I've ordered a MX link for my bike and will look to get my hands on a 27,5" rearwheel used or discounted to try this out. I mean, you might know already, but I'm a total sucker for the Dominions and I think they show what brake development should be: Decrease inner friction in the system, optimise flow, make adjusting easier, make the lever feel as good as possible. All this makes it possible to build bigger brakes with more surface area and smaller master-cylinders without choking on the drawbacks of higher hydraulic leverage (less modulation, longer lever throw, ...) When I buy a new bike I will definitely take care it's a full Boost affair so my wheels (and cassettes and disc brakes) are fully interchangable.

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