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Jan. 3, 2021, 8:04 p.m. -  araz

Hey Andrew, I'm not normally a big comments section participant, but I thought I'd sign up here because: 1. the comments here are generally super thoughtful, informative and seem to be based in real experience and not just internet-knowledge speculation; and 2. to thank you guys for the fabulous content. I really like your min/maxed approach -- I recently did a custom build from a frame only purchase for the first time (Banshee Pantom) and any part I wasn't sure about I just went with something you'd recommended (aeffect R cranks, PNW bar and dropper, look pedals) and I've been pleased with all those choices so far. I appreciate your and the rest of the NSMB team's nerdy deep dives that always focus on the end experience that we all love of being on our bikes, without being in thrall to the latest and greatest for it's own sake. Anyway, thanks and happy 2021!

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