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Dec. 31, 2020, 9:08 a.m. -  AndrewR

I have that Hellbender Neo installed on my Optic. At 400 ish kilometres (I just keep choosing to ride my Sight) it is only lightly used (for me) and I would say they have only just run in. The initial drag/ stiffness is not intolerable but it is noticeable over a regular high quality bearing. All my BBs are the engineeringly challenging PF92 and it has been pleasantly trouble free. That said I installed a BB Infinite Ceramic WS2 on my Sight last week and it is a total game changer. The crank really does just spin and spin on the bike (I had to replicate their install video after all). I did a regular loop ride (so one I know well for pace and effort) on a damp trail and basically rode every uphill section in one higher/ harder gear than usual. Whilst not being able to quantify exact watts etc there appears to be less resistance in that low end effort area of pedalling that one spends a lot of time in when climbing technical switch backs. The short story is a better ride with slightly less effort (and frustration). As my version of Santa (me) was being very kind I also threw a set of BB Infinite pulley wheels into the rear mech at the same time and whilst I won't make any power saving claims but they have further reduced chain noise in an already very quiet system (One Up chain guide, XX1 chain, STFU and 2888 tape), which for me is worth it. I would say that the Hellbender Neo is worth every penny but if you want the one bottom bracket to make the single speed challenge then perhaps its worth looking at BB Infinite.

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