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Dec. 31, 2020, 8:27 a.m. -  kmag76

I bought the Cane Creek Neo BB when it first came out (about a year ago?) and didn't get to use it till spring 2020.  It was part of a brand new bike build I put together, and the BB cup split on one of my first rides. It took forever to locate the problem, as it felt like a loose crank arm. Drivetrain and suspension pivots were pulled apart many times trying to locate the issue.  Finally the cup split more revealing the problem.  The BB was sent back for warranty, and I waited for months to have it replaced (this was before the big bike part shortage) I finally inquired about it, and was told they were discontinued. So obviously there is something up with the system not working. Maybe better luck with version 2 if it ever presents itself.

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