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Dec. 30, 2020, 7:51 p.m. -  AverageAdventurer

Hey so mounting up the a4's today.. absolutely order their proprietary adapters! Shimano adapters don't work, sram and a few washers don't work, magura doesn't work, NSB works with a few washers.. most adapters hit the caliper. The angle on the nsb is all wrong and the rotor actually grinds on the caliper.  Save yourself the headache. Secondly, make sure you're fully internally routed bike can accommodate the thicker hose! Also your fork cable guide will just suck a little to put on. Also their bleed kit comes totally disassembled and require pressing on all the hoses and olives. They are quite the hot topic around the shop as far as how they feel the action is insane and the bite point is crazy.  I feel as though these brakes will perform great on trail but the lack of support and the overall amount of self service may not be for everyone. If you can identify what parts goes where without instruction and are confident in setup they'll be great. We are talking over half a grand in brakes for those of us that don't write reviews.  The lever feel is excellent but the headache makes it a hard upsell over some RSC's. Every shop has a bleed kit for sram, I had to build a bear my own hayes kit.  I know I sound biased but I'm giving them a fair shake and I spent my own money not exactly upgrading to try them. Rides to come...

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