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Dec. 26, 2020, 8:42 a.m. -  AJordan

AJ- Great review! I read the original RXF 36m.2 coil review and spring swap article and had been waiting for this follow up but somehow missed it until now. I've been running the air fork on my HB130 for a year now and have always found it a bit harsh over stutter bumps and thought it was a bit over damped. Interesting that they have now given it a lighter tune as standard. I'm soon going to send it in for a full service and get a damper re-tune at the same time but I have been seriously considering going coil instead and probably keeping the C50 tune. Did you notice much of a weight penalty running coil again after air? I also hear they have updated the airspring recently with a bigger neg chamber to make it a bit more sensitive. Do you think the bigger neg chamber could bring the ride of the air spring up to the standard of coil without any weight penalty?

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