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Feb. 16, 2016, 9:49 a.m. -  Nat Brown

#!markdown While it depends on how you define 'close', no surfer can really ride that close to how well they do with their preferred stance. If you're old enough, Simon Law was probably the best at switch relative to his preferred stance (natural), and while he could get by in challenging waves, and maybe score points in a con'est for the novelty and difficulty, the pure quality of his switch surfing was not really that close. Of course there are others, Slater in particular, who aren't slouches at switch too, but I still think switch ≠ preferred stance. Also, my intuition and relatively limited understanding tell me that due to nature of the cranks being attached via bearings to the BB, there's no bias in mass applied front-to-back through the pedals, all mass just goes through the BB. Side-to-side through the pedals, yes, but front-to-back just results in turning the cranks. Perhaps others will chime in with some insight.

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