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Feb. 16, 2016, 9:36 p.m. -  ashroadadam1 .

#!markdown What about internal organ considerations for picking a forward foot? If you pile into the back of your seat, ribs first, you are more likely to injure your liver if you're a rightie, and your spleen if you're a leftie. You liver can pretty much regenerate from a scrap if you smash it to bits, whereas a badly lacerated spleen generally needs to be removed, and can require some additional drug therapies throughout life. That being said, a spleen can be more problematic for rapid bleed-out. I really cherish my liver (it has such an important job), but I think if I had to obliterate one of them, I'd probably prefer to protect my precious spleen. Right foot forward all the way! Goofy foot power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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