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Dec. 17, 2020, 1:12 p.m. -  Bob McCall

Hi  I just did a 400 hour rebuild on my squishy 4 year old Reverb B1.  I followed the instructions in the SRAM guide.  My only issue was when I removed the o-rings from the inner shaft piston there was no corresponding new o-ring in the rebuild kit.  So I had to put the old o-ring back in.  I have looked at the kits sold on-line and there simply is no o-ring that matches the inner shaft piston inner o-ring.  Since I reused a previously removed o-ring, I don't know how that will affect the operation of the seat post, but so far, the squishiness is gone and the post operates as new.    I would like to know if you had the same experience and how you resolved it. Thank you for your helpful post. Bob

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