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Dec. 13, 2020, 9:22 p.m. -  Bruce Mackay

So Pete, I'm always a bit curious as to how Canadian pricing is _always_ just some random number b/n 35% and 50% higher than US pricing.  The current exchange ($Cdn 1.28/ $US 1.00) on the CDN dollar puts that Rise LTD  at $13393 ($2607 dollars less than "Canadian price" (that is incidentally the "Canadian price" of the Giant Roam E-commuter + $92, as a metric) and the M20 is $1208 more than current exchange.  Do bike  companies think that all Canadians like it with out dinner first?  Orbea is DEFINITELY not alone on this, by the way.  Heck bike companies aren't alone, all sporting goods seem priced like this.  I've looked into it in the not too distant past, its **not** all tariffs and shiz...... FYI a bit more math the LTD is 52% higher than the exchange rate more, and simply 48% more than the US price (35-50%) the  M20 is 40.3% >exchange rate, and 46%  (that bracket again).  I am not looking for an ebike currently, and would not EVER buy a "top tier model" of **any** type of bike, from any manufacturer, but's that's a whole different discussion (strong believer in "min-MAX"ing and dollar cost averaging).

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