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Dec. 13, 2020, 1:50 p.m. -  Dan

Hey Cam - solid write up here. I dig the way the Decoy hides its motor. Overall, it's a looker.  I think what has me most curious isn’t the “easier” aspect of climbing with an eMTB but the... and I hate to say this... the _time savings_. I’m 43, a new dad, one saddled with greater professional responsibilities than ever before... and time is an even more precious resource than I could have expected. Fortunately I live a few short minutes from the trails here in Bellingham, and while there are not many eMTB accessible trails at the moment, this will undoubtedly change soon enough. I’m supposing I’d be ready to enter the market right around the time the trails become open to e-power.   Having not yet ridden an eMTB, I don’t have a sense of true sense of scale, so I got to thinking: would it be useful to others if these reviews included a comparison of ride times for a given lap - e-powered and meat-powered?

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