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Dec. 11, 2020, 11:41 p.m. -  gregster77

I've been ignoring the steps8000 motor options as outdated, akin to buying a 4 year old laptop, but that's probably an unfair comparison, since on the way down it doesn't really matter as much, and it's all about the down.  I've kind of also taken YT off my list because of the water bottle situation, maybe I'm too picky.    The overall build value does seem great compared to others.  Riding a Bronson currently, the Heckler seems appealing.    How would you compare the Heckler to the Bullit in terms of fit for riding shore?    Feels to me like they forgot to make the head tube a little slacker on the Heckler to future proof it more :)   Is it mostly the weight that makes the Heckler feel more like a regular/proper bike?

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