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Dec. 10, 2020, 7:28 p.m. -  khai

Interesting... I had a Gore jacket that delaminated so I've replaced it with a 7mesh Skypilot. Lighter and supposedly more breathable than the Revelation (the Guardian being phased out), but has no ventilation - it relies 100% on the fabric. If I don't open the main zipper on the climbs I'll sweat more than the textile can handle - but with a merino base it's better than anything I've ever tried in the past. I think a key problem that we have in the rainforest is that all these membranes rely on a pressure and humidity differential to work properly. When it's just as humid outside as in the jacket, I'm not aware of any fabric that can transfer that moisture. Still, the fit is excellent, the rain shedding of the DWR top notch, and the breathability "pretty darned good". I'd prefer if it had pit zips and/or a vent in the back, and a Napoleon pocket - but other than that it's getting close to perfection.

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