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Nov. 29, 2020, 7:15 p.m. -  Chelboed

I've always needed big stack. I'm only 6'1", but I have nearly a 36" inseam. Saddle goes up, but bars stay low. I usually have to run excessive headset spacers, longer stems with steep rise, and tall bars. My Canyon Spectral has a long head tube and plenty of stack, so I'm running a Nukeproof Horizon 50mm x 5° stem with Deity 38mm rise x 810mm bars. Looks good and not too many ugly spacers under the stem. My Stache only had 646mm stack height on an XL. I was running a 60mm x 10° stem with 45mm bars and a bunch of ugly spacers. I was going to go ProTaper, but wanted a Cross Bar like a BMX for kicks. Now I'm riding a Whiskey Carbon 70mm rise bar and IN LOVE widdit...because I can run my 50mm x 0°stem with only a 10mm spacer. The up side is that my bars have a 16° sweep, so now the Stache feels like an angry motocross bike. ![70mm rise bars](

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