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Nov. 21, 2020, 11:49 a.m. -  Todd Hellinga

Unfortunately with the hangover the usb port is on the front on the underside of the led's so not sure how well this item below Matt's working on for the Evo would work for the hangover...that being said, I find that low on the trail is fine for most road and single track climbing, leaving the hangover off until the descent. With this option on the evo you'd be able to save a lot of juice on the helmet light for when speeds increase. "One other thing we are working on is an inexpensive DC5521 to USB converter so that people can use their old trail packs as additional power sources for Evo if they upgrade. Similar to what magicshine has, but wanting it without extra cables and stuff." [\#post15093013](\#post15093013)

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