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Nov. 20, 2020, 2:03 p.m. -  Brad_xyz

I have the Hangover and Trail (not Evo) versions and have been using them extensively for the last month.  I really like these lights but a few things keep me from loving them: * The Hangover has been great and works well with the built in GoPro mount on my helmet.  However, one morning it just flashed briefly when I tried to turn it on and then was completely dead.  Plugging in the charging cord fixed the problem instantly (when I got home after only riding with my bar light) and the problem has not come back.  I'm guessing the inrush current from the light turning on tripped the battery short circuit protection - I sure hope this does not happen again otherwise I may need to start carrying the charging cord and a USB battery pack to reset it again. * The Trail (not EVO) is a good light but has a few flaws in my opinion 1) The rubber mounting strap does not mount it securely enough so it moves down or bounces around on a true downhill track. 2) The light needs a shade so that it does not blind you when you are weighting the front of the bike. 3) The LED battery / mode indicators are too bright at night on the trail.

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