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Nov. 18, 2020, 5:04 p.m. -  grimwood

What I've loved about my Delirium so far. Very easy to ride, especially at slow to medium pace. It fits an angle set, a water bottle, can fit a massive dropper (even on small sizes, this is awesome, and I think often overlooked), 275 wheels for that ass-to-tire clearance, and has a properly (effective) seat tube angle. I know the STA looks slack, but even at full pedaling height, it is great (steeper than my old Yeti SB150). And it pedals really well (not sure if that's due to position on the bike or kinematics or both). Wishes. Lower (so I could run a mullet set up with a BB lower than 360 mm). Adjustable chainstays, it would be fun to try something longer. Slacker? At least it fits an angleset, so people can go that way (I did). And probably less chain growth. The bushings work, but if I had my choice, I do away with the bushings and go all bearings.

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