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Nov. 18, 2020, 3:23 p.m. -  srodgers84

I have been on the Gum-X3D combo since September and have really enjoyed them so far. I run CC in the rear more so as an added layer of protection for the expensive carbon rims but support feels similar to EXO+ in the front and DD in the rear with the added CC for me. Similar to you, I have been known to destroy EXO+ tyres in the rear but so far trouble free. I was surprised with how quickly the rear is wearing for you as I currently have about 560km with no real issues to talk about. Most of my riding since September has been in North Van and majority on Fromme since I live so close by. Came off a Assegai / DHRII combo (which I like) and so far have really enjoyed something different than Maxxis for a change. Also, they look pretty sweet and match my bike compared to the awkward yellow everyone is used to :) Would be interested to try the Magi-X compound once things warm up as a summer tread. Thanks for the review and keep them coming!

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