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Nov. 17, 2020, 11:35 a.m. -  khai

Mostly I'm a fat bastard and it pedals a bit better with the shorter shock.  ;p  I spent the first year with the long shock experimenting with the mounting positions before swapping in the shorter one - mostly just because I had it and it seemed dumb to never have ridden it.  I like having more travel for when I'm only packing one bike on a trip but will be spending some time in the bike park as well as pedaling, or if I think I might be trying out a new jump/drop/gnarly line and want a little more "backup" just in case things don't go to plan - but in general the shorter shock results in a bit more of a playful bike that still handles nearly anything I'm apt to throw at it.  Having picked up a HT a year ago and spending a lot of time on that has changed my view on how much travel I "need" as well, to a degree.

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