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Nov. 16, 2020, 10:14 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I mean, Chromag's all use press-in headsets, so you always have the Angleset option. Personally, and I know this isn't news to anyone, I think all hardtails should have some kind of sliding/swinging drop-out for easy single speeding. Happy to agree to disagree though (but if you haven't tried single speeding... kidding, kidding).  So my buddy Mark just build up a ~2005 Horst-Link Turner with the PUSH Link. He's using an EC34/EC34 Work angleset and found a 27.2 110mm dropper post for it (which he uses in conjunction with a quick release). He's got a 1x drivetrain on there as well and the best 26" rubber he could find.  And yeah, it's a big short, and a bit steep, and has 26" wheels when he's a 29'er convert... but, I still have to say it's an awesome machine. And surprisingly lightweight. And yeah, he's WAY faster on his Fugitive LT but it's pretty impressive what he manages to get that Turner down.  ![](

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