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Nov. 16, 2020, 9:38 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Without having any idea what kind of bike you have, and recognizing that sometimes small (and actually big) companies get caught out without key parts to cover warranty or service, one of the things I love about nerd brands is you can often interact with the visionary (visionaries) behind them. You can still (after waiting patiently) get a solid response from Noel at Knolly, or Chris at Pivot, and so on. Now these are all personalities who believe in their products - so take the under advisement - but they’re also riders and you can tell quick if they get ‘it’ or they don’t (I listed Noel and Chris because in my experience they get it). I think you can tell _A Lot_ about how a company will treat their customers after a sale by the kind of interaction you have with the people at the top of a given company. I’ve talked to riders so desperate to resolve a myriad of issues with their experiences with certain boutique brands that they reach out to a semi-employable part-time industry hack _stranger_ like me hoping for some sliver of help. And I would never I-told-you-so someone in that situation, but just like all my buddies who were surprised by the sh*tty after sale support from 00’s Ellsworth, I can’t help but feel like the brands’ personalities should have probably sent up some red flags before they invested.

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