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Nov. 16, 2020, 3:17 p.m. -  Tim Coleman

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately an XL frame wasn't available at the time of the review, but I'd been riding bikes of a similar wheelbase so I was happy to try the Large rather than no Warden at all. To be clear Knolly gave me a brand new bike, so in terms of keeping the bike in good repair we can't point a finger at them. Maybe just the crank coming off was due to an issue with initial build, but I've heard from bike shops that this has been seen a surprising amount this year. I'd also say that the part issues I had didn't take center stage. There was far more Ride Impressions in the paragraphs and captions than discussion of parts issues I had with the bike.  Furthermore I felt the need to mention the parts issues with the Warden, because I was reviewing a built bike, and not just a frame. I think the part specification is a large part of how a bike rides and performs. But to your point I didn't want the issues I had with the parts to entirely colour the review of the bike. So I tried my best to share the issues I had, but also share my overall impression of the bike as a whole.

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