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Nov. 16, 2020, 10:11 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Two part response: 1) I have no info that says this wasn’t the case when it comes to your specific Intense example; however, as a student of the bike industry I am highly suspect any time any brand removes adjustment or spec options (suspension, wheels, etc) for a stated reason other than it saves them money. I’m sure there are riders on 15K G1s running combos of geo and sag that we would consider insane but nerd-brands aren’t catering to the lowest common denominator (even if that person has Geometron money). It’s like buying a CCDB Coil and not starting with the base tune and bracketing your own settings. Probably should have just bought a Van RC but the information is there if you want to use it. ——— 2) I really do try to be a good person - as opposed to the judgemental elitist that’s apparently my natural state - but I will allow myself a guilty little inside-giggle every time someone with a roached fork drops $182 (CAD) on a OneUp carbon bar* to increase compliance. You know what would make a way bigger performance difference for the same number of Elizabeths? Ride whatever bar you own and get your fork fully serviced. *Nb - nothing at all against the OneUp bar, I get that for many riders it makes a huge difference in addition to properly working suspension.

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