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Nov. 16, 2020, 5:58 a.m. -  werewolflotion

I harbor similar fears. Objectively, the new Stumpy is the most refined trail bike \*package\* I think we've ever seen. From price point to configurations to on bike storage etc etc,  the newer you are the mtn biking, I imagine the harder it is to pass up an entry level Stumpy. And some of these features really do improve the ride experience, again especially for beginners. That said, the new Stumpy wouldn't be on my short list. My first real mtb was a Spesh, loved it to death, but am not keen to own another--I know so many people like this. I just picked up a new Banshee Rune V3 and wish it had some of the Spesh features, namely SWAT storage and guided cable routing. I agree with Andrew that Banshee has (thus far at least) missed an opportunity with the dropouts--they could have so many more options, and one I'd like to see is a mullet dropout for both their 29 and 27.5 offerings. I've spent some time on the Banshee forums and pretty much everyone is trying to mullet their V3 models. They would effectively increase their model range (all bikes are mullet-able).

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