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Nov. 16, 2020, 5:39 a.m. -  olaa

Agreed that some adjustability is great, but i'd like to extend that to the components as well. Most bikes from mainstream companies end up being way too expensive when you have adapted them to what you want. For example, if you want top end suspension, you also need to pay for high-end shifting that is expensive and really doesn't give that much more performance. Also brakes often need to be changed or adapted. Wheels are sometimes also something that you would want to change (looking at you RM speccing DT370 on high-end bikes). Buying a frame and building them up is certainly expensive, since they charge even more than most small companies for a frame.  I've ended up buying niche company bikes for several reasons: adjustability and value for money are definitely up there. But of course it is also kinda cool to have something a bit different :)  Right now I am waiting for a Stanton Switch9er FS to replace the Geometron that I had.

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