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Nov. 13, 2020, 2:14 p.m. -  JT

I am hoping they keep 27.5 alive and pop out a new Endorphin. This is rad and all, but it's more travel than I need for my area of the country, but still want the pop and play of a smaller wheeled rig. About sizing, I've been migrating back to ETT measurements to get a handle on what I can expect the cockpit to feel. From some demo bikes I've been on this has worked better than looking at reach measurements. Going from a bike with a modest SA of 75 to the more aggressive angles on newer rigs, reach measurements may be the same, but man can it make you feel you're about to take a knee to the chin. Comparing ETT at least puts the hands and hips to a similar distance. I tried the methodology that Peter Verdone uses, but that seemed much more appropriate for the custom geo crowd. Plus manufacturers don't offer all the info necessary to calc with his method, at least not easily.

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