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Nov. 13, 2020, 12:21 p.m. -  AndrewR

431mm chain stay on a large which is designed for a 6' tall rider, coupled with a FC that gives a 500 mm reach, is dated. I find it interesting that the same engineer is happy to wax lyrical about the benefits of his suspension design but then over look the constant moment that is created during every second of the ride by placing a large (ie tall) rider on a medium chain stay. As a 6'2" rider this is obviously an area of personal interest and, based on recent experience, I wouldn't consider buying a FS bike with less than 440 mm (nor will I consider 27.5" wheels other than as a wheel size appropriate for medium and smaller riders). There is a place for a 431 mm chain stay for a large frame and it is on a 29" hard tail.

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