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Nov. 12, 2020, 10:46 p.m. -  luisgutierod

I understand bike geometry needs to be compared with other current ones.. however I feel like there is a range that should be declared "acceptable modern" as it all depends on personal preference (pro riders included). A frame in L size with 500mm reach is long.. by no means dated, (in my books... ).. shortish CS length at 431mm? (it's a 27.5 bike after all) Dont ever try a Canfield balance then. ; ) .  Knollys have been "balanced" bikes all the bike (geometry wise), but the shortcoming is the linkage... when clean and fresh bushings there, it works great.. let mud/grit/much sit there and you have a friction sh*t-show against you. I had a previous gen warden, I loved the way it handled descents, tech riding, definitively not an enduro race bike (the no pedal kickback was amazing feeling on the downs)....But the linkage required too much maintenance to be smooth and keep the suspension acting freely with the shock.

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